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We’re experts at helping people like you resolve credit problems using every resource available. We work from every angle to remove negative information, reduce debt, add positive information and correct inaccuracies to help you increase your credit scores. We offer free consultations, so take advantage!

Audit & Verification

Our main focus in the beginning is to remove as many of the negative items as possible. Federal Consumer Protection Laws give you the right to dispute questionable items with the credit bureaus, creditors and collection agencies. We use those laws to your advantage by auditing the negative information and helping to remove them.

Generally speaking, we audit up to 5 items with each of the three main credit bureaus Experian, Equifax and Transunion (15 total) each month for the first few months to make sure everything is 100% accurate or removed. During these first few months you will see most of your progress and you’ll be able to see the results when the credit bureaus mail them to you. When you receive the results, we need you to send them into us. This audit process often removes the bulk of the inaccuracies and is where most “credit repair” companies stop. We pride ourselves on how comprehensive our program is, and get more results than any other company.

After we have exhausted our efforts with the credit bureaus, we then move on to auditing creditors and collection agencies to validate any account information that we feel is inaccurate, inflated or outdated. This critical step often results in deletions and in some cases the companies will even forgive debt because they do not have the information required to prove the debts are valid. This is a tedious and time consuming process that few of the other credit repair companies do, but, we feel it is absolutely necessary!

We don’t stop there .... We take it several levels further. The creditors, collection agencies and credit bureaus may respond inadequately or ignore us. If they do, we will file complaints with state and Federal regulatory agencies and send those complaints to the credit bureaus, creditors and collection agencies, and demand they comply with the law.

settle accurate debt

Another value added service we provide assistance in settling any debt that is proven accurate and therefore cannot be removed. We do not charge anything for this service; it is all included in the program.


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Credit Restoration

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Everything on your credit report is important, including your personal information, the spelling of your name, your social security number, date of birth and even your employment history. Credit bureaus often make mistakes that lead to another person’s information showing up on your credit report. We make sure everything is 100% accurate and update all of this information for you.


Finally, if you are lacking positive credit, we have a proactive customer support department that will coach you and help you open and re-establish positive credit. We work from every angle within our power to improve your credit report and your credit scores. It’s a very comprehensive program! Do you understand how it works?

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It will take 3 to 6 months to see the changes on your credit report. We will track and update you every 30 days on all new information (new Credit reports).

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  • Evaluating Credit Report
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*No fee will be charged until after the first 30 days, contract has been signed and consultation (going over credit report) has been completed.