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Terms & Conditions

no guarantees

This is a realistic program, not a miracle cure. We don’t claim to remove any specific item, because nobody can do that and we don’t guarantee perfect credit either. Our job is to ensure your reports are 100% accurate, clean it up as much as possible and get you on the right track. We would rather you have realistic expectations and know this upfront.


Keep in mind, in order for the program to work effectively, your participation is needed. What I mean by that is you must send us the results you receive on a regular basis, you cannot be late on any of your bills and we need you to communicate with us throughout the program.


We give you an online account the day we set you up in the program which allows you to upload your results online, but more importantly it allows you to see what we are doing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Remember this please… Our clients see most of their progress within the first 90 days of service, but the process can take much longer. Many of our clients are with us from 6-18 months or even longer. Just keep in mind that this process takes time. It’s not a miracle cure. We will do everything we can to help you and you will be tracking your progress every step of the way – so I need you to be patient and send us those results! Ok? So you promise you will be patient?

build Value

Your credit is obviously important to you. It determines where you live, what you drive, employers are now pulling credit reports and even insurance companies base their rates on your credit score. This seems like the only thing stopping you from reaching your goals. How serious are you about resolving these issues once and for all?