Kirk Financials Credit Repair Services
2112 SW H.K Dodgen LP
Suite 183
Temple,TX 76505

(254) 534-6221

About Us

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About Us

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Kirk Financials, knowledge is power, but the application of the knowledge is key. We help our clients repair their credit one dispute at a time. We educate our clients on their journey of becoming debt free and that having great credit is powerful.

Our Vision

To educate each and everyone on how to use credit properly, to become debt free, and live the of your dreams and build generational wealth.

Our Mission

To help everyone that wants to be educated on how to live a debt free life and understanding the tools that’s readily available.

Our Values

We vow to show everyone how easy it can be to be debt free. If you are willing, we can teach you. We will work diligently day by day changing the lives of our clients and our community in every possible way.